Alvin LED collection


Introducing an all new family of LED lighting from Alvin. LED lighting is significantly more efficient and longer-lasting than traditional lighting. Light Emitting Diodes are more durable than traditional incandescent and compact florescent lighting. LEDs emit very little heat and use up to 80% less energy to run. 

By producing a lustrous light the artist is able to view a fuller spectrum of color. LEDs also produce less glare and hot spots, creating less strain on the eyes. This new line of elegant lighting solutions includes features such as USB charging ports, soft touch dimmable lighting switches, and flexible necks.



This professional grade LED light is the new standard in task lighting. Constructed from metal and high impact polymers, this durable light is perfect for everyday use. LED lights allow true white light to be cast on your work without glare or hot spots. Eighty-four SMD LEDs can be combined in three different settings to create just the right field of light. Soft touch dimmable switches allow you to dial in the desired brightness. The base is a 2.75" table clamp that will allow you to mount this light right to your work surface. Spring loaded arms and a swivel head will get your light exactly where you need it.
LED1-W     32"H x 23"W     1050 Lumens     MSRP $160.00


This light is perfect for any space that you need to fill with a bright true LED light. It’s compact design doesn't take up much space, yet creates a large field of light just where you need it. Sixty SMD LEDs work in harmony to illuminate your work space. The lamp is controlled with a single soft touch switch that also allows you to dim the light to your desired brightness. The lamp has been constructed with a mixture of high impact polymers and metal. The base is a 2.25" C clamp that allows you to mount  it directly to your work surface. A pivot head and swivel base allows you to point the light directly where it needs to be.   
LED2-W    18"H x 14"W     500 Lumens     MSRP $65.00


A great combination of both form and function. The form is designed with two slender metal bars, one acts as the base that elegantly balances the cross bar that houses the LED lamps. The function is the 48 SMD LEDs that cast a glare-free beam of bright light. The light bar pivots 165 degrees allowing for light to be cast horizontally or vertically. The light bar will also swivel 180 degrees so you can dial it in right where is needed. 
Activates with an easy touch switch. When not in use this light feels like a piece of modern sculpture. 
LED3-S   16"H x 16.5"W     380 Lumens   MSRP $60.00



This compact desk style LED offers a classic look but is packed with advanced technology. Thirty SMD LEDs create a flood of clean bright light over your project. The sturdy base houses a soft touch control switch that allows for multiple dimmable steps. The base also features a convenient USB charging station. The lamp has been constructed with a mixture of high impact polymers and metal. The light has a flexible neck that allows for directional light to be cast in just the right spot. 
LED4-S    13"H x 13"W     450 Lumens    MSRP $55.00


A unique mixture of materials and an interesting shape make this LED light a great statement. Thirty SMD LEDs create a glare-free bright light that will showcase the true colors and details of your work. A solid base provides the platform for a completely flexible silicon neck that allows directional light to shine from it’s bar.  Along with a soft touch dimmable switch, the base also has a USB charger port, perfect for charging your mobile device. Bright, flexible and attractive, this light is the whole package.
LED5-W    18"H x 12"W     350 Lumens  MSRP $60.00


This LED desk light is packed with features to help illuminate your work space. Thirty SMD LEDs create a bright, true light in a concentrated area. The flexible silicon neck is durable with a tremendous pivot range of almost 360 degrees, in any direction. The light is activated by an optical touch dimmable switch. The base is solid and houses a USB charging port. Easy to use, clean crisp light, and a USB to charge any of your devices, 
it is what your work space needs.
LED6-B  18"H x 13"W     450 Lumens   MSRP $60.00


A product from Alvin & Company Inc. Bloomfield, CT U.S.A. 800.444.2584