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 "quality at a fair price"

-Alvin Shoham

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Alvin has been manufacturing tools for drawing & drafting since 1950. They have been the choice of draftsman, architects, industrial designers, technical artists, professors and professionals. Once upon a time, everything that was made started its life on a piece of paper, from the Ford Mustang to the Lunar Module. On many of those work desks and drafting tables that built America, were Alvin tools.

In a world full of digital programs and apps, it's still important that good drawing tools are available to capture analog ideas and to teach the professionals of tomorrow. Alvin's most important job is helping ideas become things.

Alvin & Company has been owned by Shoham family for 70 years. In the Fall of 2020 the reins of the company have been acquired by Ascendent Brands to manage the next chapters.


Ascendent specializes in acquiring brands with a history of leading their industry segment and a proven product line.  The Ascendent team strives to restore a brand’s strengths while shaping it to thrive in today’s fast-moving, multichannel marketplace.  The Utah-based company is led by a team with deep experience in partnering with suppliers, distributors, sales agencies and retailers of all types.