Welcome all to the Alvin Drafting Society World Headquarters

Since 1950 a society has formed around the idea that drawing is the most essential building block of all art. This exclusive club has been open to those who want to improve their technical drawing skills and have aquired a tool from Alvin to help accomplish that task.

By owning and using tools from Alvin you have now joined the ranks of our not-so-secret-society. Our promise  is to provide you with the best quality tools that will perform every time you use them.

The promise you must make to us is our motto, "Ducere ad Vitam" - Draw for life!

You are now part of our long standing society, please print out your membership card below. Secret handshakes are encouraged but not manditory. 

* prices not valid.

* prices not valid.



Check out our Tips & Techniques guide for drafting and technical drawing the was published in 1956. Many of the techniques still work today. Great information and peek into our past. Click the guide to view or download.


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